April 2017

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#IceAgeEuropeNow Touring Exhibition
Katrin Hieke, Ice Age Europe Network Office

Altamira for families: Talk, debate, share, learn and unlearn
Asun Martínez and Noelia de Dios, Museum of Altamira

Spear broken! What now?
Stefanie Kölbl, Museum of Prehistory Blaubeuren

Know Thyself
Juan-Luis Arsuaga, Museum of Human Evolution Burgos

Archaeology for the future: “Arkeologia Gela” - School programmes at the museum
Team of Arkeologi Museoa (Bizkaia Museum of Archaeology)

Prehistoric Olympic Games
Eneko Calvo Etxarte, Ekainberri-The replica of the Ekain Cave

Neanderthal 2.0
Rafael Mora Torcal, Paloma González-Marcén, Jorge Martínez-Moreno, Clara Masriera-Esquerra, Espai Orígens Visitor Centre - La Roca dels Bous Archaeological Site

Prehistoric Nights
Barbara Bussola, Anita Gubbiottia, Fumane Cave

Ice Age Europe gets a new World Heritage Site!
Tyson Holmes, The Gibraltar Museum

Joëlle Darricau, Isturitz, Oxocelhaya and Erberua Caves

Summer Geology School
Vlasta Krklec, Krapina Neanderthal Museum

Entertaining Humankind for over ½ million years
Nick Powe, Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves

Stories of Ancestors: A Prehistoric European Adventure
Véronique Simbille, The Museum of Neanderthal Man La Chapelle-aux-Saints

The Update
Bärbel Auffermann, Neanderthal Museum

Archaeology close up. Students discover the Stone Age and the saber-toothed cat at paläon
Florian Westphal, paläon-Research and Experience Centre Schöningen Spears

The reason for the PrehistoMuseum
Team of the PréhistoMuseum

150 years since the discovery of Solutré
Sylvain Quertelet, Prehistory Museum of Solutré

Prehistory for the blind and visually impaired – a new guide concept in the Archaeopark Vogelherd
Ewa Dutkiewicz, Archaeopark Vogelherd

Becoming human evolution scientist for one night at the CENIEH
Chitina Moreno-Torres, CENIEH

The strange case of Dr Sapiens and Mr. Neanderthal: theatre and science work together!
Romana Scandolari, Elisabetta Flor, MUSE - Museo delle Scienze