Grotta di Fumane (Italy)

On Ice Age Europe Day 2020, Fumane Cave offers special guided tours at 11am and 3pm. 

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Krapina Neanderthal Museum (Croatia)

On Ice Age Europe Day, Krapina Neanderthal Museum offers free guided tours at 11h, 12h, 14h and 15h.

Visitors will be introduced to interesting facts about the life and culture of Krapina Neanderthals with a special emphasis on the links to the international Ice Age Europe Network.

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Treasure Hunt in the Ice Age

An exciting Paleolithic-themed treasure hunt at the Viote Alpine Botanical Garden on the occasion of the third edition of Ice Age Europe Day! Celebrate the international day of the Ice Age: orient yourself with the map, pass five stages, and reach the treasure!
A day for families and children entirely dedicated to the Ice Age to discover together what Paleolithic hunters and the first farmers ate, where and how they lived, where they came from.

Free admission to the Botanical Garden, paid activities (€ 4 per child, recommended age 6-13 years).
In case of bad weather the event will be canceled.
All-day activity from 10 to 16, booking not necessary.
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Neanderthal Museum (Germany)

Our scouts, real Stone Age experts, answer all your questions about the museum visit, but especially about the Neanderthals and life in the Stone Age. Anyone who has always wanted to ask - the scouts are ready to tell you! The scouts will show you around the permanent exhibition and will share lots of interesting details. And of course the scouts will inform you about the Ice Age Europe network and the many exciting sites throughout Europe. If you've always wanted to poke Stone Age experts with questions, then this is the right time for you!

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