Grotta di Fumane

Come and visit Fumane Cave and get to know the Neandertals and Sapiens who used to roam the valleys, plateaus and woods of the Lessini Mountains about 40,000 years ago! Special: “AT THE MOVIES WITH THE CAVEMEN” - re-discover one of the oldest animation techniques and make prehistoric paintings come to life!

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Krapina Neanderthal Museum

Since we celebrate not only the Ice Age Europe Day but also 5 years of Ice Age Europe, enjoy 5 free guided tours throughout the day through the museum, learn about the other network members and visit the exhibition "Miocene in Northern Croatia" for free. And look out for Ice Age animals - they might come to life on this special day, too! 

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Have you ever wondered how and where did paleolithic hunters use to live? Where did they come from? And what did they use to eat? These and many other questions will find answer in the exceptional location of Viote di Monte Bondone, for an unmissable event.

Sunday, 23th September 2018, starting from 11 am, MUSE and the Alpine Botanical Garden of Viote are pleased to invite you to the #IceAgeEuropeDay, the first international day dedicated to the glacial era! We will follow the signs left in the Paleolithic by the Neandertal men, our ancestor extinted years ago, and by Homo sapiens hunter-gatherers at the end of the glacial era in the high mountain of Alpine territories.

Don’t miss the funny activities for our small guests: archery, readings, flint knapping demonstrations, prehistoric tattoos and many other activities will take place in the marvelous frame of the Viote Plain. The bravest participants can taste the ancient gastronomic delicacy of a true paleolithic meal, inspired by the spontaneous products our ancestors could get in nature. A day dedicated to prehistory to spent outdoor, planned to excite and entertain the whole family, with specific focus on the “Ancient Stone” period.
Free entrance.

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Paläon - Research and Experience Centre Schöningen Spears

Adventurous life in the Stone Age! The palaeon, on the occasion of the first #IceAgeEuropeDay, takes a look 300,000 years back in time at the lives of our ancestors. Visit the original excavation site of mankinds oldest hunting weapons and see how real archaeologists work. Experience the "Ice Age Warrior"; on the palaeon as he makes sharp stone blades to carve a spear for hunting. And go on a mysterious treasure hunt and solve the puzzle of the lost stone signs. Of course, your ability to deal with a spear or bow will also be put to the test.
An exciting Stone Age day awaits you!

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c) paläon / Sebastian Petersen


Le dimanche 23 septembre, le Préhistomuseum fête le tout premier Ice Age Europe Day !
A travers toute l’Europe, les plus grands sites préhistoriques organisent des événements et des activités pour célébrer et partager l’héritage culturel du réseau.
Au programme :
Tir au propulseur : l’arme mythique des chasseurs de l’Age de Glace
Grandes inventions de l’Age de Glace : découverte du mode de vie des hommes du grand froid

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