What's on here?

The Archaeopark Vogelherd offers great learning programmes for kids, families and adults:


Schools and teachers

For school classes and groups of teachers we are offering guided tours of the park. Various stone-age activities are taking place at the different stages.

The main focus is set on the topics hunting, social life, encounter (i.e. Neanderthal and Homo sapiens), fire and arts. Our guides are trained and certified by the University of Tübingen.

More information: www.archaeopark-vogelherd.de

Family Learning

Families can go on a discovery tour in our park. The different stages invite our visiters to experience stone-age life. A variety of typical plants as well as animal voices and traces can be discovered in the outdoor area. A companying information is availiable via Vogelherd App, which is availiable for download for both Android and iOS.

More information: www.archaeopark-vogelherd.de

Adult Learning

During the weekends, guides tours are offered on a regular basis at fixed hours. For individual guided tours for groups up to 25 participants please contact us. Workshops and special events are announced on our website.

More information: www.archaeopark-vogelherd.de


Information and booking:


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