Group Visits

Group visits are welcome and we offer special rates. Groups need to pre-book to visit Kents Cavern where they will receive a private guided tour of the cave. Contact us for more information: caves[at]


Kents Cavern is easy to visit. The underground system is relatively flat with only 9 steps, only a few narrow sections, plenty of head room throughout and no stooping. Helmets are not required but care must be taken at all times because the paths, walls and ceilings are not straight!

Over 6 million people of all ages have enjoyed visiting the cavern since 1880 but because this is a natural underground space, there are narrow passages, ceiling heights do vary and lighting is atmospheric. Some visitors, therefore, may require assistance.

Any visitor with a particular or special need must inform the front desk and we ask that all visitors pay particular attention to the safety briefing given by the guide before entering the cave.

Standard single-child pushchairs can be negotiated around the cave but wheelchair access is not possible beyond the first chamber.