It is a worldwide sensation! Since the discovery of the Schöningen Spears the history of mankind is being rewritten. Based on the findings from the worldwide unique archaeological complex around the 300,000 year old spears, we have a better understanding today of how our predecessors of Homo heidelbergensis lived. They open a window into the Palaeolithic Age and answer the significant question: "Where do we come from?" The Schöningen Spears are among the ten most important palaeolithic findings of humankind.
The paläon reflects the surroundings in its outer skin.

The Museum

Welcome to the paläon – the most fascinating archaeological experience centre of the world! Experience exciting stories all around the worldwide sensation of the Schöningen Spears – approximately 300,000 years old and thus the oldest preserved hunting weapons of mankind. Discover the prehistoric man in you!
An impressive exhibition, a journey through time, a research centre – in paläon, history is an experience. The vibrant exhibition opens an exciting look about 300,000 years back into the past. Worldwide unique: The original Schöningen Spears can only be seen in the paläon nearby their archaeological site.

The Archaeological Site

The paläon is located directly on the Schöningen open-cast mine, where the spears were discovered in 1994 and excavations are still going on today.

It uniquely combines the exciting experience of the Palaeolithic Age with cutting-edge archaeological research.

The visit is rounded off by the aesthetic fusion of world-class modern architecture and palaeolithic designed landscape.

Forest elephants, rhinos and cave lions – right in the heart of Germany. What sounds amazing, was reality about 300,000 years ago.

The paläon takes visitors into this world and shows the everyday life of our predecessors, who had lived and hunted in Schöningen at that time. The prehistoric man had skills that were not previously thought possible: Planned action, communication abilities, technological know-how, sophisticated hunting strategies and a complex social structure.

The Exhibition

By means of interactive stations, multimedia presentations, artistically staged elements, experiments and, of course, original findings it is made clear: The prehistoric man is closer to us than we thought!

All around the paläon you can immerse yourself in palaeolithic nature. Watch the Przewalski horses roam the steppes. On the experience trail with interactive stations, children can become hunters and enjoy themselves in the playground.

A café with a sun terrace provides space for pleasure and relaxation.