Tourist Information

Gibraltar, although small at just under 7km 2 , is steeped in history – from the Jurassic origins of the iconic Rock, to the Neanderthals that inhabited its many caves, Phoenician seafarers who venerated their gods here; not forgetting the various military Moorish and Spanish conquests and British fortifications.

The Gibraltar Museum serves as the ideal starting point to interpret the Rock’s millennia old story. Later, climb to the Upper Rock within the Gibraltar Nature Reserve and immerse yourself in military history from the Moorish, Spanish and British periods. Here you can see Gibraltar’s famous Barbary macaques, Europe’s only free-roaming monkeys. Explore the depths of St. Michael’s Cave or take the various nature trails to enjoy the stunning views across the Bay of Gibraltar and watch the thousands of birds that regularly migrate across the Strait of Gibraltar to and from Africa.

Wander down the narrow streets of Gibraltar’s old town for some duty free shopping or opt for a peaceful retreat in the shade of the 200-year- old Alameda Botanic Gardens before moving portside for some al fresco dining in one of the many restaurants in any of Gibraltar’s three marinas. 

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